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The firm was established in 2002 and offers services in all aspects related to legal specialization in civil-commercial law, associations and public bodies, including litigation and large-s1cale real estate transactions, class actions, civil litigation, labor and employment law and tort law.

The firm’s unique capabilities stem from the 25 years of legal experience of each of the founding partners, who combine their abilities and examine each case from several directions, from each of the partners’ unique perspective.

Each partner provides the partnership with specific specializations in different legal fields and advanced management degrees, making it possible to provide clients with comprehensive legal (litigation and large-scale contracts) and business/commercial solutions. The integration between the legal knowledge and experience and the latest academic knowledge in the area of business management ensures the highest quality of service while taking into consideration a comprehensive vision of both the legal and the concrete aspects of the matter at hand.

A notable advantage of the firm is the focused and quick service that stems from the personal, dynamic and creative attitude, made possible by it being a boutique firm, its personnel and the relationships between the partners. The firm is committed to high standards of service and complete trust between the lawyers and the client, while frequently and attentively examining the client’s relationship and changing needs, and dedicated, human and personal service, all in a clear and direct manner.

Among other things, the firm engages in volunteer activities and represents associations that provide assistance to the needy, education and mediation.

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Over two decades of experience in all the various courts

Real Estate



25 years of experience with real estate projects, private and business sector sale and purchase transactions, and a deep familiarity with the field for the successful accompaniment of any real estate project

Legal Representation in Real Estate Matters

Legal Representation in Real Estate Matters

Thousands of hours spent in the various courts successfully representing clients in real estate matters, with transparency and reliability.

Apartment and Property Transactions

Apartment and Property Transactions

Professional, dedicated and personal service for the sale and purchase of apartments and properties. A deep familiarity with the field, including taxation and regulation and having all the tools in one place in order to close the deal the best possible way.

Success Stories

Management of Complex Projects

A purchase as part of a group in the years 2010-2013 and management of a construction project while providing legal accompaniment for the demolition and construction of a new 14-apartment building on an area of 1,400 sq. meters at 12 Zev Tyomkin Street, Tel Aviv. The purchase and the accompaniment included dealing with the planning procedures at the Tel Aviv Municipality, including representation when receiving unfounded tax assessments and bringing about their cancellation, representation in the matter of removing protected tenants and achieving better-than-expected results, and representation vis-à-vis committees, including submitting an appeal to the District Planning and Building Appeals Committee and ultimately receiving approval for all the requested construction relaxations.

Purchase as part of a group in the years 2015-2019 and management of a construction project while providing legal accompaniment on the ground while unifying different plots, planning and execution of the construction of 17 apartments at 27 Ba’al HaAkeda Street in Tel Aviv’s Shapira neighborhood. The apartments were delivered. Among other things, this type of project combines planning and construction procedures including alteration permits, parcellation procedures – plot unification and division, management of a tender, management of the bank financing procedure, accompaniment of the construction and the various suppliers, conducting intermediate sales by owners, handling the registration of rights and finally registering a condominium.

Purchase as party of a group in the years 2015-2019 and management of a construction project while providing legal accompaniment.


The purchase of a building at 40 Yesod HaMaala Street with partners, for improving the property and adding about 10 housing units. A permit for the project was issued and rights arising from improvement were sold, while leaving the rest of the building in the ownership of the partners.


Accompaniment of the tenants’ committee within the framework of TMA38 – at 4 Elazar Hamodai Street in Jerusalem – at the final stage of execution.

Accompaniment of apartment owners as part of an evacuation-construction project in the Maserik Street and Jerusalem Street complex in Bat Yam. This project aims to demolish about 60 apartments and build about 240 new apartments. The project is in the advanced planning stages, after a developer was found and contracts were signed.

Providing the owner with legal accompaniment for the construction of a new building on vacant land, purchasing the land and accompaniment of all contracts with the different contractors and suppliers – until completion of the construction of 60 units for a construction group, and construction of an additional wing for an apartment hotel in Shoresh – the construction was completed and the property was delivered to the buyers, a condominium was registered for all of the 190 units, including the older units.

More Success Stories

Return of Money Stolen from Clients

A shrewd businessman who took advantage of his position with the family and was able to swindle the father was forced to return about NIS 15 million after our firm was able to prove his deeds and his exploitation of the father’s weakness. A lawyer representing a charismatic entrepreneur who later turned out to be a talented and uninhibited con-artist was forced to pay over one million shekels to a person who had fallen victim to a scam, after we proved that the lawyer had been negligent and did not notice the warning lights flashing around the fraudulent activity. A reckless Jerusalem contractor who took advantage of the plight of a man caring for autistic children who was abroad at the time, and who charged him hundreds of thousands of shekels claiming he had performed and completed construction work, even though he had actually only built an unstable frame, was forced to sell his home and return over one million shekels to our client.

Honoring the Desires of Will Writers

An overbearing sister returned over one million shekels to her sisters after the court overturned a will made by the father of the family in which he bequeathed all of his wealth to only one of his daughters, after we were able to prove that one of the witnesses had not been able to understand the contents of the will. In a similar case, we were able to get the court to honor the desire of the writer of a will and enforce a will in which the mother of the family had bequeathed the home to one of the children, after we were able to prove that the mother acted of her own free will and clarity of mind.

Conservation of Buildings and Real Estate Betterment

The conservation of a historic structure often involves unique difficulties even at the land acquisition stage, the preservation itself requires the developer to enlist the help of a team of experts including a conservation architect, a historian and a highly capable contractor, who, together with us, document the heritage of the structure and its surroundings, assemble a detailed construction plan that includes the best way to treat the structure and manage the work until construction is complete. Our firm has the privilege of taking part in the preservation and improvement of several buildings, including a magnificent basalt building on Zipori Street in Tiberias and a beautiful villa on HaTsalvanim Street, on the slopes of Haifa’s French Carmel.

More Success Stories

Banking and Check Matters

Thanks to our intervention, the court rejected a bank’s attempts to evict an elderly mother from her home, who had signed a notarized power of attorney mortgaging her residence for a construction project of one of her sons, as we were able to show that the bank had erred in drafting the power of attorney. We later acted to sell the project against that son’s will, thus completing the rescue of his mother’s home. Following our intervention, the court cancelled the enormous debt of a bakery worker who had fallen victim to a gray market lender, due to the fact that the interest charged him was contrary to the law regulating non-bank loans. We were able to convince the court and the other party to cancel a lawsuit asking to honor checks amounting to hundreds of thousands of shekels, filed against a woman who had fallen victim to a con-artist imposter who had managed to work his way into her life and become her partner, while leading a double life and defrauding people while using her name and her bank accounts.

Tenders and Administrative Petitions

The court cancelled a contractor’s tender win for the construction of buildings using the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) method, and approved the granting the tender win to an association we represented, despite the opposition of the local authority, after it was persuaded that the bid she had submitted had not met the threshold conditions of the tender, in a manner that created inequality and made it possible for her to beat out the other competitors, some of whom may not have even submitted bids because they did not meet the threshold conditions set by the Tenders Committee.

Compensation for buyers who purchased homes but received real estate with different zoning

Brash developers sold clients of our firm homes in an area legally zoned for the teaching staff of a youth village. After we filed a lawsuit asking for receivership, we were able to force the developers to compensate our clients for millions of shekels. Thanks to the leverage created by our lawsuit, we continued negotiating with representatives of the Israel Lands Authority, who took it upon themselves to change the city’s zoning plans and get approval for our clients’ homes.

The Partners

Adv. Ariel Guez

Certified attorney since 1996, holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a specialization in finance and marketing.


Ariel represents various associations on a voluntary basis, represents schools, specializes in court representation and providing consultation in civil disputes, real estate, including the purchase and management of properties, complex legal situations, leads the firm’s handling of class actions and provides ongoing legal consulting.


Ariel is married to Tal, they have three children, and he enjoys swimming freestyle in the sea or pool.

Adv. Ariel Guez

אריאל גיז

Adv. Shachar Padeh

שחר פדה

Adv. Shachar Padeh

Certified attorney since 1997, notary and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in business administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a specialization in finance and marketing, as well as being certified in mediation and dispute resolution.


Shachar specializes in real estate law and urban renewal, setting up and accompanying complex real estate transactions, from the setting up of the project through the financing phase and until project completion and delivery to the client, as well as representing clients in commercial civil cases in court. Served as a member of the Bar Association’s Ethics Court.


Shachar is married to Nehama, they have three children, and he is active in yoga and swims both breast stroke and freestyle.

Adv. Guy Feldman

Certified attorney since 1997, notary, and holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a specialization in finance and marketing.

Guy specializes in real estate law and urban renewal, tort law, labor and employment law and insolvency. Guy is experienced in organizing and accompanying purchasing groups and urban renewal projects from the concept formulation stage until project completion.

Guy also specializes in representing complicated commercial cases in the courts. Serves as a member of the Bar Association’s Ethics Court.

Guy is married to Laura, they have three children, and he enjoys daytime and nighttime running.

Adv. Guy Feldman

גיא פלדמן

Property Improvement

Accompanying planning procedures and examining the feasibility of various projects, including managing a team of professional consultants including appraisers, tax consultants, planners and contractors, all in order to best exercise the client’s property rights.

Real Estate Law

Vast experience in the purchase and sale of all types of properties: first hand from a contractor, second hand, commercial properties, purchases as part of a purchasing group, purchases in TMA38 situations, real estate registration and accompaniment in the area of bank financing for real estate.

The lawyers in our firm who accompany real estate transactions handle each transaction from A to Z – starting with the preliminary examination stage, through realization, with a deep knowledge of all the factors involved, all the way through to the successful completion of the transaction.

דיני התחדשות עירונית

Accompanying apartment owners and developers in projects entailing building additions and evacuation-construction projects. Our firm provides professional guidance from the planning and feasibility stage of the project, has vast experience in drafting a variety of different agreements required for the implementation of projects all the way through to delivery of the project and its completion, including condominium registration when necessary.


המשרד מעניק את כל שירותי הנוטריון לרבות עריכת הסכמי ממון, צוואות, יפויי כח, תרגום מסמכים לחו”ל וכדומה.

Representation in Court
(Civil Litigation)

Proven ability to represent clients in all the various courts and providing comprehensive solutions to all litigation cases covering the entire spectrum of civil-commercial law, family law, torts and insurance, inheritance, taxes, insolvency and more. Our firm has a high professional ability and over 20 years of experience in making our clients’ voices heard in court, with proven results.

Ongoing Consulting for Companies

Providing the highest level of legal consulting and a vast amount of experience in the business sector to organizations and companies. Our firm covers all areas of law needed for the organization’s activities, including contracts and commercial law, labor and employment law, civil litigation and more. All with high availability, maximum professionalism and employing a comprehensive approach to the needs of the organization.

Commercial Law

The establishment, acquisition, liquidation and mergers of companies in Israel, conducting business negotiations and accompanying the client in transactions abroad.

Mediation and Arbitration

Our firm has a wealth of experience in mediation and dispute resolution, arbitration representation and a sensitive and reliable response to our private and business clients. The lawyers in our firm are qualified mediators and have been involved in countless successful agreements signed while keeping what is important to our clients and without compromising on a professional and accessible solution all the way.

Labor and Employment Law

Representation of employees and employers in the labor courts and the various other courts. Providing ongoing legal consulting to employers in all matters related to the ongoing conduct vis-à-vis their employees, providing legal opinions and more.

Association Law

The third sector has needs of its own, and our firm is very experienced in providing a complete legal solution to all of those needs. From the establishment and registration of an association, through the accompaniment of its day-to-day activities, collaborations, various agreements and the recruitment of employees, all the way to consulting and accompaniment in the areas of taxation and government approvals.

Family and Inheritance Law and Continuous Power of Attorney

Drafting agreements in the field of family law, divorce mediation, drafting wills and continuous powers of attorney. Our firm has extensive experience and the necessary certifications for drafting agreements and providing representation in the various areas of family law. We provide a close and sensitive accompaniment of our clients in order to realize their desires and rights, while focusing on the various related financial, emotional, taxational aspects and more.

Tort Law

Our firm provides a complete solution to tort, bodily harm and property damages, and close accompaniment from the first moment until the desired compensation is received. We are available to our clients with full accessibility and availability, with sensitive, professional legal assistance all the way.

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